Budget QLED vs OLED | Samsung Q60T vs LG C9 4K TV

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Comparing a 2020 QLED to a 2019 OLED. The LG C9 against the Samsung Q60T. How good is a budget 4K QLED and how does it compare to the OLED for gaming, movies and streaming?

All the items in my TV Setup:
My 2020 TV Setup Tour:

00:00 Intro
01:25 Picture Quality
03:21 Viewing Angles
04:51 Remote Controls
05:54 Input Lag
06:47 Next Gen Compatible
07:43 User Interface and Menus
09:24 Reflections
10:25 Speakers
10:49 Design and Stands
12:02 Burn in and Image Retention
12:41 Ports
13:03 Google / Alexa / Apple AirPlay
13:33 Summary and Thoughts

Are either of these TVs ready for next gen gaming? The PS5 and Xbox Series X launches soon, is it worth getting these now or waiting for next year’s TVs?

I game on my TV (PS4 Pro), so I’m going to be comparing the LG OLED C9 55” to the Samsung QLED Q60T 55”. I will also compare movies, apps, the user interface and the all important angles (how much can you see off centre?). I’ll show The Last of us Part 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Rougue Company and Need for Speed Heat.

Thanks for watching, Chris.


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