Cross-Sectional Là Gì | Cross Section Detailing Tutorial

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Cross-Sectional Là Gì đang là chủ đề được rất nhiều người tìm kiếm. Vậy nên hôm nay Thủ Thuật Nhanh sẽ mang đến các bạn chủ đề Cross-Sectional Là Gì | Cross Section Detailing Tutorial thông qua video và nội dung dưới đây:

This video is about house cross section detailing which shows you some tips and essentials for creating a cross section sheet that can be followed by builders to put a building together.

Welcome to PART 3 of the ‘Architectural Technical Drawing Series’. This series is for learning how to produce working technical drawings that can be read and followed by builders to assemble a building. The videos in this series are all complimentary parts of a ‘drawing pack’ that is created for a building, such floor plans, elevations, details and so on. Each video will be made using the same building model.

TOPICS of this video:

– Introduction to the Cross Section
– The importance of Engineering in Details – TechnicalDraft(dot)com
– Setting the Cross Section

– Dimensions
– Textual Annotations

In PART 4 we will be going through producing detail drawings of the house by using the cross section drawing.


Part 1: Floor Plan –
Part 2: Elevations –

and here is the play list to produce the model in the video:

Drawing Technical helps architecture students learn the skills that we need to understand building science and why we do what we do in architecture.

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Cảm ơn các bạn đã theo dõi chủ đề Cross-Sectional Là Gì | Cross Section Detailing Tutorial. Thủ Thuật Nhanh hy vọng đã giúp được bạn giải đáp được vấn đề, mọi thắc mắc hay bình luận xuống phía dưới.

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  1. In the next video we will be going through detailed detail drawings to understand how the different parts of the house are joined together. Like the video if you liked it and leave a comment below, I like to read them and respond whether by comment or by video. If you're new, subscribing might give you an edge!
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