DIY Project | How to Figure Out USB (2.0) Cable Color Code

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DIY Project | How to Figure Out USB (2.0) Cable Color Code?
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How to Figure out USB (2.0) Cable Color Code?
¿Cómo averiguar el código de color del cable USB (2.0)?
Πώς να καταλάβω τον κώδικα χρώματος του καλωδίου USB (2.0)?
Как определить кабеля цветовой код USB (2.0) ?
ইউএসবি (2.0) কেবল রঙের কোডটি কীভাবে চিত্রিত করবেন?
USB 케이블 색상 코드를 알아내는 방법?
USB Kablosu Renk Kodu Nasıl Anlaşılır?
यूएसबी केबल कलर कोड कैसे लगाएं?
如何找出USB (2.0) 電纜的顏色代碼?
كيفية معرفة رمز لون كابل USB (2.0)؟
Bagaimana Mencari Kode Warna Kabel USB (2.0)?
วิธีคิดรหัสสีสายเคเบิล USB (2.0) ได้อย่างไร
Como descobrir o código de cores do cabo USB (2.0)?
Come capire il codice colore del cavo USB (2.0)?

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  1. Very nice video. THANKS. Do you mind helping me out with something? I have an IP camera which has a USB cable to power it (it is sealed to the camera). I need the cable to be longer, so I cut it open, but it only has 2 red cables and 2 black cables. So I don't understand which one i need to extend. Can I do it with a similar thin electric wire? Can I just connect the 2 red wires with 1 (little bigger) single wire and 2 black wires with 1 black wire? It is 5v. Thank you

  2. I have a 12v booster pack for my car, it went bad, the booster pack has a small panel of USB ports, I want to repurpose those. I have 2 black 2 red and one ywhite as well as 2 black, 2red, and a grey wire. These sets of wires are on a small circuit board (HRS8386-A) is written on the board, as well as -hrs 8386-f 16.05. 30 a-yx01 e478338 94-vo
    Stamped on the board as well. Am I in over my head here? Or is this something simple? Thanks.

  3. I have a question. I have a Astro A50 (gen 2 2014) headset and it suddenly stopped charging.. So at first I replaced the battery and it worked untill the battery was drained. So it is the micro usb port. Now I have ordered a USB type C connector. (to be precise this one ). But my old port is connected with three wires. A red one, a yellow one and a black one.

    Can you perhaps tell me where I need to solder these wires on that new plate? It has 4 spots, 1 called G, so that would probably be the black wire. The other ones are D-, D+ and V. Would that be the yellow wire to D- and the red wire to V? I'm kinda new to the whole soldering thing.

    And can you perhaps explain me where the Data – and Data + stand for? What their function is?

    Great Video btw!


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