How to use the TEXT Function in Excel

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How to use the TEXT function in Excel. The TEXT function is used to convert a number to text in a specified number format.

This function is great when concatenating numeric values into a text string. The number is converted to text but still displayed in its date, currency, percentage or another number format.

This video tutorial demonstrates two examples of how to use the TEXT function. The first concatenates a date value and the second a calculated value in a currency format.

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  1. Had to watch it several times to get it to sink in, but doubt i will ever have to use it in my data base, however, I am still trying to find the answer in your videos to adding (304) to a number in column A to a figure & getting the added number of the two in B, I have subscribed to your channel & find it easy to learn from you, Thank you.


    Thanks for educating the community and appreciate your volunteer-ship

    Is there no function in Excel to REVERSE a word or string like

    ABC to CBA

    'How are you' to 'uoy era woH'

    Thanks a lot

  3. I have a CSV file, i need to add "0" at first number entries in the cell, for example i already type 0812990088, as default excel only read 812990088 (without 0) then i tried to add ( ' ) in front of 0 and become like this '0812990088. after i saved the CSV and re-open it again, 0 in the front of numbers not appear, even i changed format cells as a text. How to keep 0 still appear on CSV format ?
    Please advise sir

  4. Hi Alan,
    Excellent informative videos. Please keep doing them. I have signed up to emails and the e-book.
    I'm a newbie but picking things up with your helpful videos. Can I ask if you have copies of example worksheets with formulas so that I can follow the steps in an interactive way whilst watching the videos.
    Also how do you insert /split a cell without affecting the cells underneath that already have formatting? When I try it affects the below formatting especially if the cells have been merged/centred. Apologies if this is so basic but I'm just starting out at age 50 so a bit late to all this.
    My intention is to learn how to produce both weekly and monthly production schedules which include job numbers, people, job status etc.Eventually I will calculate dates which are over due and total jobs per month/year. Eventually link monthly/ yearly to a graph but haven't got round to graphs yet lol




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