Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Review – An Awesome Laptop!

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Infinity Labs review of the Lenovo ThinkPad P1 with the 4K OLED display, Intel Xeon E-2276M and NVIDIA Quadro T2000.

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  1. Big bug with green flashes. Never happens on the first export, but I'll watch the video back, fix some stuff, re-export and I'll only notice it the next day when I re-watch the video right before publishing. Website is fully finished and tested, but one of the pages shows some of my dev work and I want to have a couple really good projects to show on day 1 since most people won't be checking back regularly. Everything will be open sourced as well so I also need to make sure the code is readable and maintainable.

  2. Did anybody try it with external monitors? I have an X1 Extreme gen1 with GeForce, and I still have problems with external (ThinkVision p32U) monitors. Nobody knows what the problem is, support neither. Mainboard was replaced 3 times. What Lenovo support does is simply inacceptable. I will tell it on any forums as long as I don't get a solution for this problem.

  3. 7:58 That is not really correct. Practically speaking, pretty much every x86 processor has some sort of SIMD instructions for >64 bit operations. AVX-512 is the newest of these instructions and has largest width. There's also AVX-256, AVX-128, and the older SSE instructions which are very common.

  4. I disagree. It would be awesome if it came with AMD Ryzen PRO 4750U with ECC memory instead Intel nonsense.
    I don't believe a PRO version (required for ECC memory support) similar to 4900HS was ever announced, but if something like PRO 4950HS existed, that would be even better.


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