Make UEFI Bootable USB Windows 10 Rufus Method – UEFI Only Boot

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Home Tech Adventure shows how to make a UEFI bootable USB for WIndows 10 with the Rufus method for UEFI only boot. After following the steps, you should have created a UEFI only Windows installer. To “Make UEFI Bootable USB Windows 10 Rufus,” you will need to download Rufus and the latest Windows 10 ISO. I show how to do this and then show how to make a USB that will only boot on UEFI systems.

Windows 10 download:

Rufus download:

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  1. nice video…i thought you might help….mines a little bit complicated..

    just so you know -i am using Macbook 2009 model and i only use windows 10 (NO Mac OS).
    i am presently using windows 10 LTSC (which is less then 4 gb) and my entire hdd is NTFS. obviously i have NO bios on this machine, so i cannot use secure boot disabled option also

    now, i want to install windows 10 enterprise which is 5.33 gb and as per your video with Rufus
    its not working.

    GPT is equal to FAT32 (i.e 4 gb limit). My iso file is 5.33 gb so FAT32 is out of question.
    by default it takes as NTFS. In NTFS it does NOT boot, whereas in FAT32 it boots.

    pls crack this for me…would appreciate…thanks…

  2. This didn’t work for my custom PC that I just built. I believe it’s because the UEFI is only compatible with FAT32 filing system, not exFAT. Switching to Compatibility Support Module doesn’t work because the GPU isn’t supported in the CSM. I’ve found another tutorial that I think will work because it uses the FAT32 filing system and gets around the 4gb file size limit by splitting the one file that is too big.


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