[vietsub]The Secret Code in Tokyo Dome full-360kpop

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  1. 공연은 이렇게 하는거라고 요즘 아이돌 가수들에게 보여주고 싶다. 특히 내 현본진 소속사도 봤으면 ㅋㅋ쓸데없이 시간떼운다고 멘트를 많이 넣거나 vcr을 많이 틀어 추지도 않음 ㅋㅋ 3시간동안 생라이브에 빡센안무까지 하는데도 지칠줄 모르는 열정.. 진짜 알짜배기 공연에 존경스럽

  2. No ever new boyband can ever replaced Tohoshinki. They are classic and timeless. What had happened in the past was truly painful to every bigeast and Cassiopeia? Everytime we miss them we go back to those memories. Thank you for those who upload their videos here in YouTube. This way we can always replay our happiest moments as fans. TVXQ we miss you so much as 5 members on stage, on one song, one album, one show, we miss you as your were.

  3. 23/10/20 … Sigo esperandolos …. mi corazón sigue llorando cada vez que los escucho …. Nadie podrá superar el amor que tengo hacia sus canciones…. BTS no me hace sentir como ellos …. Los extraño tanto 😭😭😭…. Mis amados… ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH ….


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