Was Teddy Lupin A Werewolf?

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As we all know, Remus Lupin turned out to be a werewolf. So, It got us wondering, can being a werewolf be inherited if the werewolf has a child?

Lupin didn’t survive the battle of Hogwarts to see if his son, Teddy, would turn into a werewolf at the full moon, so we’re left to wonder… was Teddy Lupin a werewolf, just like his father?

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  1. Since Teddy is a metamorphamagus he can shapeshift into anything he desires and change anything about himself physically at will. So in theory he can turn into a werewolf if he wanted to but not have negative affects and could do so without a full moon. Since the mobile game Harry Potter hogwarts mystery is cannon as well it shows us going to school and being in the same year as tonks, tonks has mentioned she has turned herself into teachers to get away with things so therefore she could do full transformations which she passed down to her son. So full transformations for Teddy is entirely possible since he was born with the same metamorphamagus gene as his mother may she and lupin rest in peace.

  2. Teddy isn’t a werewolf like jk.rowling has said there disease doesn’t pass down the human part of the child overpowers the werewolf so he can’t turn into a werewolf to understand more watch movie flames video “what if two werewolves mated during the full moon”

  3. As I understand it, though it may be Fanfiction, there is such a thing as a half werewolf but it's more of an advantage than a disadvantage. Half werewolves like rare meat especially around the time of the full moon. They never transform and may be immune to being turned by being bitten by a werewolf. Thus is may be an advantage.


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